Transmission Case Tooling

Transmission Case Tooling(Automotive, Truck, Gas, Diesel)

  • Boring.
  • Milling.
  • Arbors.
  • Facing.
  • Reaming.
  • Generating Heads.
  • Special Multi-Diameter Generating Heads.
  • Multi-Function Generating Heads.
  • Tool Setting Gages.
  • Much, much more…

JPT Engineered and Manufactured tooling for Transmission Cases.

Product Features and Capabilities

Multi-Slide “Slim-Line” Generating Head Nose PieceGenerating Head Motion Tool with Four (4) moving slides that attaches to a twenty-one (21) inch Generating Head with two (2) additional slides for efficicnet machining of Transmission Cases.
“Single Slide” Multi-Function Generating HeadReplaced Inferior Tooling.

Operating continuously since 2000.

Counter-balanced Generating Head.

  • Designed for maximum speed.
  • Improved for Surface Finish.
  • 50% Cycle Time Reduction (CTR).

JPT Quickchange of Three (3) Tools.

  • Multiple I.D. PCD Grooving Cartridges.
  • Multiple PCD Cartridges.
  • Facing PCD Cartridges.
“Slim Line” Generating Heads (Motion Tooling)Twenty-one (21) inch Generating Head complete with detachable actuating Nose Piece.

Six (6) total moving slides to machine

  • Pump Face
  • Bell Face
  • Other deep cavity bores & faces
“Slim Line” Generating Heads (Motion Tooling)Twenty (20) inch Generating Head with two (2) slide Boring Nose for machining the bottom face.

Fifteen (15) inch Generating Head to machine the smaller back side of this Transmission Case.

Special Options

  • Quick Change Tooling that is Preset off the machine for maximum uptime.
  • Quick Changeable for “Family of Parts” simultaneous production.
  • ISO Standard Inserts incorporated whenever possible.
  • ISO Standard Cartridges incorporated whenever possible.
  • Coated Carbide, CBN or PCD tipped inserts for maximum tool life.
  • DFC™ Surface Treatment for Friction reduction and Corrosion Resistance.
  • Coolant Available Through the Tool.
  • Repair Services.

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