Differential Case Tooling & Fixturing
JPT Pass™ System for Machining Differential Cases



Differential Case | JPT PASS™ System (7 1/4 – 11)CNC Machine or Special Machine “Drop-in” Style Tooling and Fixturing.

No Hangers Required

Diff-Cases from 7 1/4 to 11 may be able to be manufactured on the same machine!

Beginning in 2007, JPT invented the Patented PASS™ “Dropin Style” Diff-Case solution for Manufacturing Diff-Cases “The JPT Way“.

  • Spherical Seat Cutters.
  • Side Gear Cutters
  • Much, much more…

United States Patent Number 7,422,398; other Foreign and World Patents Pending and Applied for…

Since 1973, JPT has designed and manufactured Differential Case tooling evolving into our “Best Practices” or “The JPT Way”.
Our specialty application experience covers Many, Many different types of parts and associated materials that require exacting tolerances.

Differential Cases are a PRIME FOCUS of JPT.

During this time JPT has established a great library of application knowledge ……….. Including (70) Diff-Case part prints in the past five years alone.

As a result of this, JPT has developed insert-style “drop-in” Diff-Case tooling that provides extremely high quality workpieces and Tool Life in the many thousands of cycles.

This success is due to VERY SPECIFIC JPT design and manufacture focus on;

  • PASS™ Cutter Insertion System.
  • Fixture design.
  • Cutter body – to – hanger design.
  • Drive arbor engagement design.
  • Insert material, geometry and tolerancing.
  • Recommended speeds and feeds.
  • Workpiece material and process.
  • Machine Tool Specifications.
  • Part “In” condition…..prior operations.
  • Locate and clamping points / method.
  • Gaging.
  • Run-off requirements.

In addition to the above, JPT is frequently involved in the process and fixture concepts as well as the machine tool application and maintenance. Our involvement in all of the mentioned elements produces very successful applications.

So successful are these that a number of elements have United States and International patents (and Patents Pending)….including the JPT PASS ™ Cutter Insertion System utilized by Machine Tool Builders for converting new or existing equipment into Diff-Case machining cells.

When we are asked to “quote a tool” along with “back-up” inserts………without the aforementioned involvement…..the outcome is generally poor and all involved have generally been displeased. We are certain that this is due to the “Manufacturing Marketplace” viewing this type of tooling as a “COMMODITY” (such as a standard catalog toolholder or insert) and fairly often not understanding the discipline required and the complexities involved.

Subsequently, JPT’s increased involvement in all areas of Diff-Case manufacturing has grown out of necessity as needed by our customers.

Product Features and Capabilities

  • Rough & Finish Spherical Seat Indexable Cutters (Single & Double Ended)
  • Rough & Finish Side Gear Indexable Cutters (Single & Double Ended)
  • Drive Arbors and Drive Arbors with Cross Pin Hole machining.
  • Tool Setting Gages

JPT PASS™ System Cutter Insertion System Capabilities

  • When installed on properly sized Machine Tool Equipment;
  • System will machine parts sized from 7 ¼ to 11.
  • Quick Change System between parts;
  • Fixture quick changed by replacing one on-machine detail.
  • Drive Arbors quick changed using the JPT QC System.
  • Cutter / Hanger quick changed without any wrenches in seconds.
  • Angular Entry of Cutter Insertion into the part;
  • Allows for smaller part windows.
  • Allows for ease of change-over.

United States Patent Number 7,422,398; other Foreign and World Patents Pending and Applied for…

Drive ArborsSpecial OptionsDFC™ Surface Treatment for Friction reduction and Corrosion Resistance.Coolant Available Through the Tool.Repair Services.United States Patent Number 7,422,398; other Foreign and World Patents Pending and Applied for…


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