Differential Carrier Tooling

Carrier Tooling | Differential Case

  • “JPT Differential Carrier Generating Tools”
    • Pinion & Tube Bores.
  • Eccentric Spindles & Holders.
  • “Padded-Type” Tooling.
  • Back-Bore Tooling.
  • Interpolation Tooling.
  • Much, much more…

JPT “Patented” Generating Tools (Motion) for Machining Differential Carriers

Protected Under United States Patent Numbers: 5,086,676 & 5,211,088

Plus Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

Since 1983, JPT has designed and manufactured Diff-Carrier tooling evolving into our “Best Practices” or “The JPT Way”.

Our specialty application experience covers Many, Many different types of parts and associated materials that require exacting tolerances.

Differential Carriers are a PRIME FOCUS of JPT

There are many ways to machine Differential Carriers.

  • Eccentric Spindles or Holders.
  • Circular Interpolation.
  • Padded “Style” Tooling.

During this time JPT has established a great library of application knowledge ……….. Including (5) Diff-Carrier part prints in the past three years alone.

As a result of this, JPT has developed the Patented “JPT Differential Carrier Generating (Motion) Tool” that provides extremely high quality workpieces and tool life.

This success is due to VERY SPECIFIC JPT design and manufacture focus on;

  • Fixture design.
  • Insert material, geometry and tolerancing.
  • Recommended speeds and feeds.
  • Workpiece material and process.
  • Machine Tool Specifications.
  • Part “In” condition…..prior operations.
  • Locate and clamping points / method.
  • Tool Setting Offset Gaging.
  • Run-off requirements.

In addition to the above, JPT is frequently involved in the process and fixture concepts as well as the machine tool application and maintenance. Our involvement in all of the mentioned elements produces very successful applications.

So successful are these that a number of elements have United States and International Patents (and Patents Pending)….including the “JPT Differential Carrier Generating (Motion) Tooling System” utilized by Machine Tool Builders for converting new or existing equipment into Diff-Carrier machining cells.

When we are asked to “quote a tool” along with “back-up” inserts………without the aforementioned involvement…..the outcome is generally poor and all involved have generally been displeased. We are certain that this is due to the “Manufacturing Marketplace” viewing this type of tooling as a “COMMODITY” (such as a standard catalog toolholder or insert) and fairly often not understanding the discipline required and the complexities involved.

Subsequently, JPT’s increased involvement in all areas of Diff-Carrier manufacturing has grown out of necessity as needed by our customers.

Product Features and Capabilities

  • Balanced Assembly for High Speed Operation.
  • Utilizes Size Control with Patented JPT Anti-Backlash Device.
  • Reduces Cycle Time over existing machining methods.
  • Extremely close tolerances achieved on Bearing Bore.
  • Gaging Diameters on the tool.
  • Tool-Setting accomplished on or off-machine.
  • Coolant available through the tool.
  • Quickchange accomplished with the JPT Patented Drawbar.
  • Tool Setting Gages.
  • On-Machine Tool Compensation for part size control.

Differential Carrier Tools | CNC Tool Shanks

  • Backbore Tool.
  • HSK-80 & HSK-100 Tool Shanks.
  • Multi-Metal Construction.
  • Balanced Tools.
  • Cartridges.
  • JPT Micron-Adjustment Features Shown.
  • CNC Machines, Special Machine, Hybrid, Dials and Transfer Lines.
Differential Carrier Tools | Backboring

  • Backbore & Chamfer Tool.
  • HSK-80 & HSK-100 Tool Shanks.
  • Multi-Metal Construction.
  • Balanced Tools.
  • Eccentric Head.
  • “Padded Style” Tooling.
  • Cartridges.
  • JPT Micron-Adjustment Features Available.
  • CNC Machines, Special Machine, Hybrid, Dials and Transfer Lines.
Differential Carrier Tools | “Padded Style”

  • Multi-Bore “Padded Style” Tool
  • PCD Diamond Indexable Inserts.

Excellent Surface Finishes are achieved.

  • Balanced Tool.
  • Coolant Through the Tool.
Differential Carrier Tools | Roughing

  • Interpolating Rough Bores.
  • Multi-Blade Helical Indexable Inserts.
  • Adjustable Chamfer Cartridges.
  • JPT Patented Quickchange.
Differenial Carrier Tools | Finish Bore and Thread

  • Multi-Function Tooling
  • Micron Adjustment
  • Multi-Thread Milling
  • CAT-50 or HSK Shanks


Differential Carrier Tools | CNC Machine Generating (Motion) Type

  • Multi-Bore Backboring of Bearing Pockets.
  • Machine Tool Actuation converted from Rotary to Linear Motion.
  • On-Machine Size Control.
  • Alternative Method to Generating Heads.
  • JPT DFC Surface Treatment.
Differential Carrier Tools | Eccentric Holders

  • Backboring Bearing Pockets
  • Drawbar Tooling.
Differential Carrier Tools | Eccentric Quills or Holders

  • Backboring Bearing Pockets
  • Drawbar Tooling.

Special Options

  • DFC Surface Treatment for friction reduction and corrosion resistance.
  • Coolant available through the tool
  • Repair Service



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