CNC EDM Sinker Machining Services

JPT has the Sinker EDM Capacity to meet your production needs.

In conjunction with JPT’s extensive manufacturing services we also offer 4-axis CNC Sinking EDM as well. This capability allows us to better serve the needs of the toolmaker and component manufacturers.

Sinker EDM, also known as plunge EDM, RAM EDM or CONVENTIONAL EDM creates shapes in metal surfaces by spark erosion, using a shaped electrode formed as the reverse of the desired shape.

Our Sinker EDM has a programmable C-Axis for applications such as threads, helixes, and contour machining. Multiple component setups and multi-cavity components can be concurrently machined.

Sinker EDM can cut hard materials that would be difficult to cut using conventional machining, our large work tank allows us to machine parts 27 x 36″ and up to 1,100 lbs. .

The process can also cut difficult shapes such as sharp inside corners and deep small precision holes but shapes must not have undercuts, grooves, etc.

A few example of parts that can be manufactured using sinker EDM include injection mold tooling, micro hole drilling, punch and die tooling, scientific research apparatus, etc.

Sinker EDM can cut a variety of metals including very hard and exotic metals. Custom tooling in the reverse shape of the desired formation is needed for the process.

We can provide almost any style of electrode needed for your project including those that require 3-axis surface machining. If you choose, you can provide your own electrodes for your project as well.

We utilize 3R Macro tooling but can adapt to utilize other brands and styles of holders as well.

The full computer control allows machining or erosion in any direction; down, up, sideways, or at any 2-D or 3-D vector and will orbit in any real or imaginary plane.

Up to 25 electrodes can be loaded into the automatic electrode changer. When the program calls for the next electrode, an arm automatically changes the electrode and the program continues.

This allows for true lights-out, unmanned 2nd shift, 3rd shift, and weekend operation.

Think about this: there are 63 hours between 5:00 p.m. Friday and 8:00 a.m. Monday.Imagine what this can do to your delivery times.

Whether your project requires CNC Sinking EDM as one of many operations in the manufacturing of your complete component or you simply require EDM job shop services, we look forward to the opportunity to serve your need.

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