Steering Knuckle Tooling

Steering Knuckle Tooling

  • Milling Cutters
  • Boring Bars
  • Micron Adjustable Finish Boring Tools
  • Turning
  • Multiple Operation Tooling.
  • Generating Heads.
  • JPT Taper Bore Motion Tools
  • JPT CNC Taper Bore Motion Tools
  • Much, much more…

JPT “CNC Taper Bore Motion Tool with Micron Adjustment” for Machining Tapered Holes in Knuckles.

JPT has designed and manufactured tooling for Steering Knuckles since the late 1970’s.

Our specialty application experience covers many, many different types of parts, machining processes and associated materials that require exacting tolerances.

Steering Knuckles are a PRIME FOCUS of JPT.

During this time JPT has established a great library of application knowledge…
Including (10) Steering Knuckle part prints in the past two years alone.

JPT has engineered and manufactured many different Steering Knuckle tooling projects and there associated differing processes;

  • CNC Machines.
  • Special dedicated “Dial” and “Transfer” Style high production machines.

As a result of this, JPT has developed a myriad of different type tools for highly successful machining processes.

Including an indexable insert-style “JPT Boring System” and the “JPT Taper Bore Micro Adjustable Motion Tool” and the “JPT CNC Taper Bore Micro Adjustable Motion Tool” that provides extremely high quality workpieces and tool life on tapered holes. See the Product Features and Capabilities section below for specifics.

Let JPT help you with your Steering Knuckle project today!

Product Features and Capabilities

  • Hole sizes are controlled by part or fixture contact.
  • Replaceable boring bar.
  • Tapers can be machined (in most cases) from the small to large side;
    • Eliminating the need for rotary functions;
    • Added part handling;
    • Re-fixturing;
    • Extended reaches;
    • Right-Angle heads.
  • Taper built into the tool so It never changes.
  • Utilizes industry standard inserts.
    • Specials may be required on some smaller tapered holes.
  • Produces rounder holes than reaming;
    • Requires less horsepower;
    • Improves part finish.
  • Maintenance Free Holder
    • Greased for life.
  • Coolant thru the tool to the cutting edge.
  • Machine Drawbar is not required.
  • Can be used in any CNC Machine Tool changer.
    • Shanks include CAT, HSK and more.
  • On machine “Micro-Adjustable” size control.
  • Much, much more…………..

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