CNC ID Grind Machining Services

In conjunction with JPT’s extensive manufacturing services we also offer CNC Internal Grinding expertise as well, we invite you to contact us to learn all that we can offer you

“I.D. Grinding” is used when:

  • Multiple diameters, faces and/or forms are to be ground;
  • Concentricity and squareness are required;
  • Blind hole and length applications.

CNC internal grinder is a single-chucking machine that performs multi-diameters and contours for high-volume production or one-offs.

In addition to straight or taper operations, the grinder has eight different grinding patterns that can contour grind with CNC control of the wheel in free combination’s. Users can contour grind deep inside and outside diameter grooves of both faces, straight IDs, ID curves, tapers and faces, as well as OD tapers and faces.

Two diamond tools can be used to obtain the desired wheel configurations under profiling control.

If you require CNC I.D. Grinding expertise, we invite you to contact us to learn all that we can offer you.

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