Custom Engineering
Part Processing and Tooling Solutions

JPT has processed a wide variety of Special Cutting Tool and Fixture Applications.

Our value proposition is to provide custom engineering services that address the following business challenges.

Each one of these solutions are addressed differently to deliver a high quality part, on-time and on-budget.

JPT Engineering Services Include:

  • Analyzing of Process. (Including Alternates).
  • Make Recommendations & Improvements.
  • Best Practice Design Engineering.
  • Manufacturing of Tooling Solution.
  • Install Manufactured Tooling.
  • Measure Results with Data.
  • Customer Follow-up.

JPT Requests Involvement

  • Before Machine Tools and Part Processing is Chosen.
  • When parts are currently being machined… but not meeting required part quality or cycle time requirements.
  • When Existing parts need repair… or alternate sourcing for additional tooling.
  • When Customers looking for competitive positioning, need specific delivery requirements and in need of quality improvements.

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