Design & Manufacture JPT Style Indexable Broaches



JPT Half-Round Broach

JPT Oil Pan Flat Broach

JPT Oil Pan Flat Broach

JPT Oil Pan Flat Broach

JPT Oil Pan Flat Broach








Broach  Tooling

(Indexable Design)


  • Half Round Broaches.

  • Flat Broaches.

  • Stick Broaches.

  • Sub-holders.

  • Holders.

  • Tapered Gibbs.

  • Much, much more…




  • Engine Cylinder Blocks.

  • Engine Cylinder Heads.

  • Engine Bearing Caps.

  • Disc Brake Anchor Brackets.

  • Differential Cases


Product Features and Capabilities

  • Indexable insert designs.
  • Rotatable & Reversible cutting edges providing as many as ten (10) indexes.
  • Double sided.
  • Center screw down.
  • Low cost maintenance.
  • Elimination of cutter grinding.
  • Improved geometry.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Lower power requirements.
  • Low impact force when compared to brazed or “Stand-Up” indexable designs.
  • Ideal for roughing flat surfaces.

 Special Options

  • Coated carbide grades.
  • Many designs to meet your critical features.

JPT Special Disc Brake Anchor Bracket Indexable Design Broach


Half-Round Broach

  • Indexable “Lay-down” Design.
  • Coated carbide.
  • Segment

JPT “Button Style”

Bearing Cap Broach