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Tooling, Manufacturing & Technologies

Mission Statement:

The Tooling, Manufacturing & Technologies Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving, enhancing and promoting the success of its member companies for the mutual benefit of all concerned through the increased power of group strength and leadership.

Purpose Statement:

To protect, promote, foster and advance the interests of the members; to increase the use of members’ products; to improve the conditions under which the industry functions; to develop fair and just competitive methods; to perfect methods for the peaceful settlement of disputes between members and between employees or customers; to protect the industry against unfair and unjust burdens and exactions; to collect and disseminate data relating to the industry; to promote a more enlarged and friendly intercourse among those engaged in the industry; to do such further acts or things as may be helpful in the accomplishment of the foregoing results in accordance with the intent and purposes of existing State and Federal laws, now existing or hereafter enacted; and generally and with limitation by the foregoing and specifically in addition thereto, to do anything necessary, suitable and proper for the accomplishment of any purposes herein set forth or which may be recognized as proper and lawful objectives of trade associations.

Integration 2000

Annual Malow Junior High Open House at JPT.

Integration 2000 represents a philosophy that transcends traditional educational strategies. It represents the integration of existing educational disciplines with industry to form a new delivery system, providing relevant learning experiences in which the learner has an active role.


Engineering Manager Mr. David Gifford explains tooling to students and parents.

Since 1994, Malow Junior High Engineering Drawing students have seen their drawings come to life thanks to the generosity of our 20 plus industry partners.

Our Engineering Drawing room has technically been expanded by several hundred thousand square feet, equipped with the latest advancements in manufacturing technology.

Additional Educational Facilities JPT Partners With

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