Design & Manufacture JPT Boring Bars and Back-Boring Tools

   JPT Boring Bars

  • Heavy Metal Shanks.

  • Carbide Shanks.

  • Coolant through the tool.

  • Balanced by design.

  • Repairs.           

JPT Spot Face Boring Tools

Special JPT “Micron-Adjustable” Boring System


JPT Boring Bar with Heavy Metal Construction

Tool Shanks




                 JPT QC (Quick- Change)


JPT Quick-Change Boring Bars

JPT Quick-Change System for Boring, Milling and Reaming

JPT Back-Boring Tools

JPT HSK Back-Boring Tooling

(Eccentric, Padded Bars)

JPT HSK Rough Back-Boring of Differential Carrier.

JPT HSK Boring Bar with
Adjustable Cartridges

JPT HSK Boring Bar for Machining Carriers

JPT Micron-Adjustable
Back Boring Tool

 JPT Bore & Chamfer Tool

JPT Micron-Adjustable Tools