Housing Tooling

Housing Tooling – Compressors, Carriers, Extension, more.(Automotive, Truck, Gas, Diesel)

  • Milling.
  • Eccentric Tools.
  • Generating Heads.
  • Multi-Function Tooling.
  • Plunge Tooling.
  • Orbital Milling.
  • Orbital O.D. Grooving.
  • CNC HSK or CAT Tooling.
  • Tool Setting Gages.
  • Much, much more…


Our speciality application experience covers Many, Many different types of parks and associated materials that require exacting tolerances.

Product Features and Capabilities

Tooling for Air Compressor HousingsMulti-Function Bore & Face plunge tooling for internal and external diameters.



Tooling for Air Compressor Housing Single Slide eight (8) inch Generating Heads for boring and grooving.
Tooling for Transmission Extension HousingMulti-Slide Fifteen (15) inch Generating Heads with “Bridge-Type” nose pieces to machine 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 extension housings.Tools engineered to machine six (6) different part features utilixing multiple slided motion tools.

Special Options

  • Quick Change Tooling that is Preset off the machine for maximum uptime.
  • Quick Changeable for “Family of Parts” simultaneous production.
  • HSK, CAT, etc Tool Shanks.
  • ISO Standard Inserts incorporated whenever possible.
  • ISO Standard Cartridges incorporated whenever possible.
  • Coated Carbide, CBN or PCD tipped inserts for maximum tool life.
  • DFC™ Surface Treatment for Friction reduction and Corrosion Resistance.
  • Coolant Available Through the Tool.
  • Repair Services.

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