Designers & Manufacturers of Specialized Cutting Tools


  • Versatility embodies all we do as one of the world’s premiere manufacturers.

  • CNC precision machining facilities.
  • Tool processing specialists.

Joint Production Technology is a total capability supplier of cutting tools designed and built to customer specification, offering the widest selection of quality products and services available in the industry.



Expert Repair and Rebuilding Services

Damaged tools can be economically rebuilt to perform the same as new tooling.

Save the expense of buying a new tool by rebuilding or modifying existing tooling for:

  • All boring bar tooling
  • Milling cutters
  • Generating or boring heads
  • Bore and groove tooling
  • Gages, setmasters, and tool fixtures
  • Tool drivers and arbors
  • Reamers
  • Broaching tools
  • Existing, special or custom tooling


Serving the Manufacturing Industry Worldwide


Joint Production Technologies provides manufacturing solutions for companies around the globe.



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