Design & Manufacture Special JPT Indexable Grooving Bars and Tools


Design and Manufacture Special JPT Grooving Bars and Tools

Special JPT Indexable I.D. Interpolating Grooving Bar

Special JPT Indexable I.D. Grooving Line Bar

Special JPT Indexable O.D. Grooving Tool

Special JPT O.D. Indexable
Grooving Tool using a JPT Generating Motion Tool

 Special JPT Indexable Grooving Inserts

Special JPT Indexable “PCD” Brazed
O.D. Grooving Tool

Special JPT Indexable “Boot and Seal” Grooving Tool for Disc Brake Calipers

JPT Motion, Actuating, Drawbar, Coolant Feed-Out Tool

Used on Transfer Lines, Dial Machines and Special CNC Machines