Engine Block Tooling

Engine Block Tooling (Special or CNC Equiptment)

(Automotive, Truck, Gas, Diesel)

  • Rough Cylinder Bore.
  • Finish Cylinder Bore.
  • Crank Line Bars.
  • Crank Line Bars with Feed-out Thrust Face.
  • Bottom of Bore Hone Clearance.
  • Milling Cutters.
  • Arbors.
  • Cup-Plug Bore.
  • Spot Face and Counterbore.
  • Broaching.
  • Multi-Function Tools.
  • Tool Setting Gages.
  • Much, much more…

JPT Engineered and Manufactured Tooling for Engine

Product Features and Capabilities

Engine_Block_Finish_Crank _Bar (close-up)

Close up of CrankShaft Line Bar with Opposing Thrust Face Slides

Special Options

  • Quick Change Tooling that is Present on or off the machine for maximum up time.
  • Quick Changeable for “Family of Parts” simultaneous production.
  • DFC™ Surface Treatment for Friction Reduction and Corrosion Resistance.
  • Coolant Available Through the Tool.
  • Repair Services

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