Robert Annual Malow Junior High Open House at JPT.

Integration 2000 represents a philosophy that transcends traditional educational strategies. It represents the integration of existing educational disciplines with industry to form a new delivery system, providing relevant learning experiences in which the learner has an active role.

Dave Engineering Manager Mr. David Gifford explains tooling to students and parents.

Since 1994, Malow Junior High Engineering Drawing students have seen their drawings come to life thanks to the generosity of our 20 plus industry partners.

Our Engineering Drawing room has technically been expanded by several hundred thousand square feet, equipped with the latest advancements in manufacturing technology.

We have the ability to directly interact with this technology through our data transmitting and Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) capabilities. Utilizing the student’s CAD or manual drawings, our partners have created projects using such processes as Sterolithography, Laminated Object Manufacturing, Selected Laser Sintering, Electronic Discharge Machining, 3/5 axis Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Wire EDM, and CNC bending.
malow_parts JPT machines student parts

The focus of Integration 2000 is to enhance and increase student learning, expand career awareness, reinforce mathematic and scientific principles, and to provide new and relevant career exploration opportunities in the fields of design, engineering, and manufacturing.

malow_part2 “The aim is also to generate greater community input, support, and participation in order to create a world-class program.”

Mr. Harry Istok, Malow Jr. High Instructor

Mallow Parts 3 Mr. Harry Istok, Malow Jr. High Instructor

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